Friday, August 14, 2009

The Mind of a Two-Year Old

Madeline is quite the little character. She does something everyday that makes us laugh. Thought I would share a few of those things with you today.

While we aren't gung-ho about it yet, we have started with potty training. And of course, they do work with them at day care. Well, she has lately been picking up all of her dolls and asking "Cinderella, do you need to go potty? Let's check your pants."

We have one particular pair of shoes that I can not get on her if she doesn't help push her own foot in. Well, her bathtime Dora doll has removable flippers. Last night in the bath, she took off Dora's flippers then tried to put them back on. As she was putting them on, she said "Push, push, push." When she finally got both of Dora's shoes on, she said "Good job Dora!"

We are getting ready to go on vacation in a couple of weeks and have been talking to her about where we are going, who we are going to see, and what we will be doing. Well, now she is very excited about going on vacation. Last night, she was playing with Mommy's shoes. She put on a pair, grabbed a hat and my purse, and headed for the door. When asked where she was going, she said, "Bye bye Daddy. I'm going on vacation!"

On the same topic, when I asked her what we should do tomorrow, she replied, "Go on vacation!"

A couple of weeks ago, we went out for lunch on a Sunday. We got to the restaurant right when they opened, so it was pretty empty. She marched right up to the hostess and proceeded to tell her "I have pretty barrettes and I have fishies on my shirt." Now, normally, she doesn't talk to people she doesn't know.

She has quite the personality!


  1. I was laughing so hard at those...Bart kept saying, "What?"
    M. is so darn cute...