Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just one of those weeks...

I tell you what, if something can go wrong, it will happen this week. I can not beleive the things that have happened this week.

On Sunday, when I looked at my calendar I thought, oh this week won't be too bad. Sure I have two night meetings and that's never fun. But I had a lot of "free" time so I figured I would be able to clear off the Mount Everest pile of stuff that has been accumulating on my desk.

However, this was not to be.

I've gotten phone calls from people who have not liked the decisions I've made. People I actually need to talk to are not returning my calls. I even had a guy call my boss's boss to see "what we could do about this situation." Sure, I'll just get on my personal line to the White House and get federal regulations changed, just for you because you went to high school with his cousin's wife's ex-roommate.

The two meetings that I've had so far this week have been absolute train wrecks. People, regardless of party affiliations, don't like the government. We have website issues, and I don't know how to deal with that.

So, I've spent the better part of this week dealing with issues as they come up, instead of actually accomplishing things. So, Everest is just growing.

And the problems just aren't at work. Oh no. If there is an idiot driver out there, they are no doubt right next to me. I've had more near misses than I can count. If I texted while driving, I would be in trouble. I spent my lunch hour yesterday driving all the way to Target and they were out of everything I needed.

There is a bug in our house that keeps biting me at night. We've washed everything in hot water and bleach, vaccumed out all vents, corners and even the mattress. But we can't find the beast that is doing this to me. At this point, I don't care if I get cancer, I want some bug spray that will just kill anything and everything.

And today, I got a call from daycare to inform me that everything is ok, but they didn't want me to freak out when I came to pick up Madeline tonight. She fell and hit her head hard enough to cause an instant lump. And of course, this happened at 9:30 this morning, so I was worried about it all day. She is just fine, but she has a nasty bruise on her forehead. It's a good thing she has bangs.

And now, looking forward to the rest of my week. I have another night meeting tomorrow night, and it's not looking like it will go well. I have to get some information from an organization that doesn't like our organization. And I somehow I have to get to all the normal things on my to-do list. I only have to get through the next two days...


  1. Holy crap, you are having one craptastic week! Your crack about calling the white house had me rolling!! I really hope that your weekend is way better than this week!

  2. I hope it gets better soon. Those weeks suck.

  3. Man, that sucks. I hope since you are now closer to Friday then Monday that things are getting better. Love you!