Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye Chuck

Yesterday, I received some bad news. I have plantar faciitis. I know, horrible...

Now, I know this isn't the end of the world and I should be thankful for being in good health otherwise. But, this is going to require some changes in my life that I am not happy about.

Plantar faciitis is a condition where the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed, and painful. I've been dealing with heel pain for about 2 months now. While at the doctor for a cold yesterday, I asked her about my foot. She pushed on one spot and I almost screamed in pain.

She said "Yep, you have plantar faciitis. You need to make sure you don't go barefoot."

What do you mean "don't go barefoot?"

I HATE shoes. I mean really hate them. As in I would go barefoot all the time if it were allowed.

I make concessions and conform to social standards. But just barely. I wear Birkenstocks or flip-flops most of the summer. I wear Chuck Taylors with business attire. I do own real "grown-up" shoes. And some of them are even stylish. But, Stacy and Clinton would throw away most of my shoes.

And now, it looks like I will be throwing them away myself. I can no longer wear flip-flops. My beloved plaid Chuck Taylors? Not a chance.

I will now be spending the weekend searching for some sort of semi-cute shoe that has enough support to ease my aches and pains. And mourning the loss of my Chuck Taylors...