Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby's First Quentin Tarantino Movie

Yes, you read that right. Quentin Tarantino. As in From Dusk til Dawn. Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill. And most recently Inglorious Basterds (excellent movie BTW).

Sunday morning Madeline and I had to do some shopping. We went to the local outdoor shopping center. I thought that the stores opened at 11 am on Sunday. But come to find out, they don't open until noon. No big deal. There was a restaurant open and Madeline had already asked for lunch, so I figured we could go eat lunch, walk around for a bit (the sun was actually shining), and then the stores would be open.

So we went to the bakery/sandwich shop at the local outdoor shopping center. I normally love this particular bakery. They have really good breakfast and their cookies are awesome. And, they have really great tea. This was my first experience with eating lunch at this establishment.

I looked over the menu and everything sounded great. I chose a pineapple and ham panini. The only problem with it was the mustard. I'm not a fan. Well, when I went to order my sandwich without the mustard, I got a blank stare from the adolescent boy behind the counter. After a few minutes, it seemed to finally sink in. And then I ordered a grilled cheese kid's meal for Madeline.

Well, I placed my order with the boy who was going to prepare my food. Then I went to the cash register. The food preparer didn't say anything to the second adolescent boy at the register, so I repeated my order for Boy 2.

If the youth of today don't lay off the weed, I hate to think what will happen to this planet. After repeating my order to Stoned Boy, he gave me a blank look for about 30 seconds and said "Uuuhhhh, you place your order at the other end." Direct quote.

I informed him that I had already placed my order, but would now like to pay for it. Then it clicked. Although I did have to repeat Milk several times for Madeline's drink.

Well, we got our drinks and found a seat. I just took the first seat I could where I could kind of keep Madeline corralled. I did not think there would be a television in this particular area of this particular restaurant.

A portion of our food was brought to our table. Of course it was not the portion that contained a kids meal. So Madeline got to eat her cookie before her sandwich, she was pretty hungry by this time. I informed the server (Stoned Boy 3) that I needed a grilled cheese.

They brought it quickly and we proceeded to eat. Madeline's meal was really good. The grilled cheese was good and it came with a cup of fruit which always makes her happy. And, they put 2 extra cookies in her bag, so that's good. Mine, not so great. I think they just took a pre-made sandwich and scraped the mustard off. I could definitely taste some. But not too bad.

As we were eating, I noticed the television on the wall in front of us. At this point on Sunday morning there aren't really sports on yet and the news shows are over. This particular tv was tuned to TBS. And playing on TBS was Jackie Brown.

Granted, this was a cable channel, the sound was turned off, and this is probably the least disturbing of Quentin's movies. But still not something I wanted my 2-year old to see. Most of the violence shots were zoomed in, so she didn't actually see Robert Deniro firing a gun multiple times in to some poor guy. Still...

I'm not saying I wouldn't go back to this particular establishment. But I would definitely think twice about picking a seat next to a tv. And hopefully the Stoner Boys find employment elsewhere before I go back.


  1. Oh dear. Was she just totally engrossed in the show? My kids would have been.

    It is a wonder how some of these people get hired. The silver lining is that they will probably stop showing up to work before you think to eat there again. ;)

  2. Kids have to get it together...what is our world going to be if THEY are running it? I shudder to think.

    And t.v.s in resturants...I hate that. Just hate it. Though I do love two cookies with lunch.